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UIkit Blog

Tue, 06/20/2017 - 04:18 | Richard Buchanan

UIkit blog theme tailored to bloggers and personal websites.

UIkit Blog comes installed with pre-configured regions and theme settings to get you started blogging fast!


For the best blogging experience install and enable UIkit Components first, then install and enable UIkit Blog as you normally would install a theme.

Drush integration

We have added Drush integration to support generating a UIkit Blog sub-theme from the command line. The Drush command uikit-blog-starterkit (alias uikit-blog-sk) uses the starterkit now included with the project.

Usage example:

drush uikit-blog-sk machine_name "Theme name" --path=sites/default/themes --description="Awesome theme description."

machine_name, --path and --description are all optional; only the theme name (wrapped in double-quotes) is required. Use drush uikit-blog-sk --help to view more detailed help information. If Drush reports it cannot find the command, be sure to run drush cc drush to clear Drush's cache.

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